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On Purpose: Progress

on purpose

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To find out what this “On Purpose” series is all about, catch up by reading On Purpose: Introduction, published last week.

On Purpose

It's been an interesting week in regard to trying to be more purposeful. When reviewing the three goals I made for myself, I have to say, when completely honest, I didn't quiteย succeed at a single one. That kind of hurts to say. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I sat down to write this & came to that realization.

On both Friday & Saturday, I over-slept &, since I am a desert transplant, used to the flippin' mountains, there was no way on God's green earth that I was going to go out for 45 minutes to an hour in the nasty-ass heat of Arizona in July! SO, I found a show I like to watch On Demand, jumped on my Gazelle & whizzed away & broke out a good ol' sweat for 45 minutes on Friday & about 50 minutes on Saturday. That felt pretty damn good.


Sunday was my day of rest in that regard & I enjoyed it — a little too much. So much so, that on Monday & Tuesday, I did not walk OR get on the gazelle. Shame on me! Wednesday & yesterday (Thursday), however, my feet hit pavement & order was restored.

As for keeping up the common areas of my house on a daily basis & tackling one other chore I've been avoiding. . . Well, I did pretty well with the maintenance. If dishes weren't done at night, they were in the morning. I absolutely could have done better, but, frankly, I did what I had intended, so that is good. Where I fell short was in tackling something new. Lets just say, there's plenty I could have chosen to do, yet I did not. Kinda frustrating, huh?

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Then, there's the blogging. My goal was to write a few posts — even if I didn't publish them. Just write. ย I didn't. Obviously. BUT, I did write & publish one. (It was on Monday, as part of a link-up I've been wanting to try! Check it out here.)

SO, I am declaring PROGRESS MADE! I didn't quite live up to the expectations I had set for myself, but I also did not blow them off & sit on the couch & do absolutely nothing all week — which IS something that has happened in the past. (It is easy to lose time when you're suffering from depression. It makes no sense, but it happens. I'm just glad I am coming out of the fog finally!)


With all of this in mind, here is what I intend to do ON PURPOSE this week:

  1. My son's bedroom made ready for his arrival on Tuesday for a three-week visit before school starts (for BOTH of us!). This involves washing of sheets, setting up a clothes hamper, & just overall “freshening up” of his room. (Something I could've chosen as my extra something last week, I might add!)
  2. Do something unexpected to make my husband smile. He's been working his ass off with a new (graveyard!) work schedule the last few weeks & sleeping poorly. I feel like I only see him in passing — when one or the other of us is going to bed & the other is waking. I can see how tired he is when I look him in the eyes. He deserves to smile.
  3. Continue with the progress I made last week, (strive to exceed that progress): Daily maintenance of the house, another Monday link-up (& maybe even an extra post or two?), morning walks (with Sundays to rest).
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What can YOU be more proactive about this week? Share your goals for the week & let me cheer you on. Leave a comment here, send me an email (, or connect on the Calculated Chaos Facebook page. If you're a blogger, leave a link to your goal-related or purpose-filled post in the comments; I would love to come visit!

Have a purposeful week, y'all!

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8 thoughts on “On Purpose: Progress”

  1. Fridays are my day off from work and, especially in the summer, I want to go out and play rather than spend it at home cleaning (which needs to be done). My goals on Friday, starting with the last one, are to do a bigger chore early and then go out and play. I’m in the middle of one now (laundry) so that later today, when I hang with my one of my good friends, I can feel like I really earned my play time.

    1. I love that idea, Nicola! We have on-peak & off-peak times for our electricity here, (which I was not used to having to pay attention to in Washington) & that has been really helpful to me in that regard because on-peak starts at noon during the week & runs until 7pm. I go to bed pretty early, so it is incentive to get up & get stuff done first thing, rather than putting it off “until later.” Similar idea, anyway. . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Progress made, indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you!

    My goal this week is to be more forgiving of myself when, for whatever reason, I can’t quite get everything done that I want to. I have a tendency to push myself too hard too fast, and that’s very apparent as I get back into the swing of commuting and working, so I need to focus on stopping the negative self-talk when it’s 1am and I’m just ready to collapse but I haven’t quite gotten the last things on my list checked off. There’s always tomorrow!

    1. I love that, Khai!! This post was my passive aggressive way of trying to do just that! I had thoughts floating around that arent very encouraging & I needed to shut them up! I need to work on my negative self-talk too. . .

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  4. Progress…you don’t have to be perfect, just making some PROGRESS. I am proud of what you have accomplished and look forward to your blogs…could you write a new one everyday so it doesn’t feel like you’r so far away please? Love you and miss you tons!

    1. Yes. Can you tell I kind of wrote about progress to remind myself to celebrate the successes instead of being TOO hard on myself? I will get there. . .;) And, yes. I will work up to posting daily — hopefully. For now, I am hoping for three times a week — but I am going to be grateful for, well, you know — PROGRESS. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you too. Miss you more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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