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Pregnancy is NOT Beautiful

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I know I am not supposed to say this. . . And, I know I have a tendency to try to put a positive spin on damn near everything, (especially when posting here). BUT, there comes a point when a gal just needs to vent! Not everything said may sound logical. . . And, many of these proclamations may be gross exaggerations, BUT that does not mean they are not my true feelings, nonetheless. . .

Pregnancy is NOT beautiful.

The idea of pregnancy might be gorgeous & miraculous & all those things that everyone wants to “ooh” & “aah” & carry on about. BUT, pregnancy itself is NOT beautiful. It is messy & gross & sickening. A miserable time for almost everyone involved.

It starts with feeling nauseous for what seems like no apparent reason. Maybe there's bloating & cramping. . . Most likely, there are several nasty mood swings & lots of blubbering tears. And don't forget the sore boobs that I can no longer let my husband touch. . . That hurt just to accidentally brush up against the sheets in bed. . . Boobs that can't be happy stuffed up into a now-ill-fitting bra, but that also aren't happy to just dangle at the whims of gravity.

See? He likes the boobies.

See? He likes the boobies.

All of those symptoms are before you even have confirmation that you are, in fact, pregnant. At that point in time, you &/or your partner might suspect pregnancy, but — let's face it — sometimes, these can also just be severe pre-menstrual symptoms. . . SO, you wait (or at least I did) until it is about time for that dirty little monthly visit from Aunt Flo. . . And, if she doesn't show up right on time (as she always did for me), then it's time to get confirmation by peeing on that silly little stick to see if an extra line shows up. (Peeing on a stick?! Ew. Think about it.) Then, a photo of that peed on home test is passed around to friends & family in some sense of celebration that there were two pink lines.

pregnancy test

Peed-on stick. Ew.

It only gets worse from there. . .  There are multiple trips to the bathroom — take your pick on what comes out of where, because, really, between the exit of your body waste being sped up to your tummy feeling queasy, your body chooses to purge everything. Luckily, this time around, for me, the nausea has been minimal & there has yet to be any up-chucking. (Thank the Lord!)

If you thought you had issues with body weight or food before, you're in for a real treat. . . Hunger strikes all the time. I feel like I am eating constantly. My body doesn't want much, but it want's it frequently. You're hard-pressed to find a time when I am not snacking on something. BUT, in a sick & cruel twist, not everything you once enjoyed is actually enjoyable now. . . Some things, all of a sudden, are absolutely sickening. (Like, eggs & chicken, so far this pregnancy. . . LOVED them. Now, they make me want to gag.) And, some things that you love are no longer advised. . . (Goodbye, coffee, medium rare steaks, deli meat, & countless other delicious foods. Ugh!) AND, thirst has completely taken over, as no amount of water seems to be quite enough; there must be a glass of water on-hand at all times.

Goodbye, medium rare. Hello, medium to well done. Ugh.

Goodbye, medium rare. Hello, medium to well done. Ugh.

Then, to exacerbate those self-image & body weight issues even further, your body is hard at work, creating this baby & its home for the next several months, so you are so extremely tired — like, all the time. SO, getting up the energy to be even a little bit active is such a huge task in & of itself. . . It really seems like a “catch 22,” although, I've heard tales of plenty of women that manage to do just that. (Yet another thing that makes me want to puke — or cry. Or both.) Is it time for (another!) nap yet??

Your sense of smell is heightened. . . Sometimes a really good thing, (like whatever scent I picked up on the handsome husband when he left for work this morning). . . BUT, it's mostly a horrifically awful joke by God. The cleaning supply aisle in the grocery store is enough to send my head spinning, as is the pet food section. And, the dogs coming in from running around outside in the more-than-ninety-degree weather? DISGUSTING. Gag me now. (Oh, wait! My body already took care of that!)


Smelly little bastards. . .

Thought I was done? Nope. Far from it.

Then there's the light-headedness. I don't understand it at all. I can't stand up too quickly. I can't wait too long to eat. I can't get too hot. All of these things — & probably several other triggers that I have yet to figure out — cause the tunnel vision to start up & the world to begin to spin. . . Sometimes, it's mild & just adds a touch to the slight nauseousness I am already feeling; other times, it is so severe — like last night — when I really thought I might need to weaken my knees & drop to the ground before my body did it for me.

Headaches are another reality. Between the tension in my body from all the commotion going on underneath the surface & the big ol' boobies that ache & spread up through my shoulders, into my neck & under the base of my skull, I am in pain! Sure, the surge in hormones probably have something to do with it too. . .

Hand-in-hand with the dizziness & headaches comes what many like to call “pregnancy brain.” It starts at different times for everyone, but I swear, it's settled in for a good long while for me. . . I think one thing & type or say something completely different. In a status update on Facebook earlier this morning, I mistakenly used the word “exasperate” when I meant “exacerbate.” (Those that know me, know what a big deal this is for the likes of someone like me. I mean, really?!) I caught that one; how many silly little things am I missing? Putting room temperature produce in the refrigerator & groceries that belong in the freezer into the refrigerator. . . Those stupid little things that are more embarrassing than truly harmful (hopefully!). . . It's a fog that takes over your brain to stay for only God-knows-how-long. Ugh. Talk about (yet another!) humbling experience!

You think PMS bloating is bad? Try on pregnancy bloat for size. . . I already felt fat. (Get a grip. I am fat.) Now, my clothes feel that much more snug. The boobs ballooning further certainly don't help. And, holy, backaches, batman!

Also, think about it. . . Your body is now an incubator for this little alien being developing inside of you.  Not only do you feel cramping in your uterus from your alien's growth & shifting of your own body parts to begin to make way, but also — I swear! — my body temperature has gone up at least five degrees. Don't scoff! That's a HUGE difference, especially when we recently moved to Hell — I mean Arizona — from Washington State. At 11 o'clock in the morning, in APRIL, the temperatures are already pushing 90. Ridiculous. I think I might die.

Desert HEAT. Ugh.

Desert HEAT. Ugh.

As if that wasn't enough, there's the added responsibility that your significant other feels. . . Guys, by nature, want to fix everything. Yet, when you're laying in the middle of the floor, half-dressed from being so over heated, ice pack pasted to your neck to try to get rid of the pounding headache, sipping on a ginger ale to keep the nausea at bay, while tears & snot drip down your face because you decided it was all just WAY too much to deal with, it's kind of hard for him to know when & where to jump in & rescue you from yourself. . . Kind of adds to the reasons to want to cry all over the place, right? YOU are causing this tense & uncomfortable feeling that your handsome husband must now feel on a damn near daily basis.

Doesn't THAT paint a “beautiful” picture? There's pregnancy for you. And, we're not even half way through the first trimester. It's going to be a LONG year. . . SAVE ME NOW. Ugh.

There's plenty more that can be added, (like your brain going into an irrational overdrive on all your parenting fears, worrying about those first few doctors appointments, being big as a house later in pregnancy, living so far away from your main support system, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, no longer owning your own body, etc. . . ). I think you get the idea.

Now, doesn't pregnancy sound just BEAUTIFUL? Not.


Can you relate?? Do you thoroughly disagree?? Let me know in the comments, below.


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I didn't think I would be participating this week, as I had a few things to get off my chest. . . (I haven't posted in a WEEK!) BUT, then I realized that I inadvertently (barely!) met the criteria for the Two Shoes Tuesday link up hosted at Texas Two Shoes. Every Tuesday, Josie will give two prompt words to choose from. The word does not necessarily need to be a part of our entry, as long as it is used as inspiration. This week’s prompts were “Spot” or “Save.”

7d0d17e5-fd7f-4b71-b927-54909af31a86_zpsce69368dI also happened across the Come Along Wednesdays blog hop at The Adventures of Noble & Pond very recently. I thought I would join in on the fun there too! Please take a moment to see what some of the other bloggers have written about lately. . .


Now that you've read about how I feel about pregnancy right now, if you're curious to know about what my brain is telling me — what I know I will feel one day, please click here.



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30 thoughts on “Pregnancy is NOT Beautiful”


    Now there’s the Reta I know.

    You’ll kick ass. You always do. It’ll be tough and it’s ridiculous and your ac bill will be out of this world and poor HH will make midnight runs for sorbets and watermelon and pickles,


    So done with all the caps. I drank your share of coffee today too. 😀

    1. Hahaha. Thank you, Khai. I needed that. . . And, in a true testament of all the nastiness I just wrote about, I am literally laughing AND tearing up after reading this. . . Ugh. 😉 (And, please don’t die. I kinda like having you around. . . Just sayin’.)

  2. You are SO RIGHT. There was nothing beautiful about either of my pregnancies. My feet… dear lord. Did you mention the feet? Mine were so big I had to borrow shoes from a friend whose feet are 2.5 sizes bigger than mine… and they were cutting into the tops of my feet!!!! Just hold tight, you’ll get through somehow!

    1. Oh, my! NO! I didn’t mention the feet! That’ll definitely come later on. . . You think it’ll just be your ankles. . . But, NO. The cruelty doesn’t stop there! Your actual FEET swell too. . . Ugh. Flip flops or bare feet, if you can. Thank you. “Hold tight.” I can do that! LOL.

  3. Oh lord, this takes me back! My second and last child is 2 and a half, so it has been a while, but I remember a lot of this and I was not a happy pregnant person. I remember eating like maniac. My husband would come home after work and find me eating a PB&J and I would have to explain to his that it was just me pre-dinner and I still needed real dinner. Those were the days!

    1. LOL. That sounds about right! This is my third pregnancy, but the pregnancy before this was nearly ten years ago! SO, it’s new all over again. . . Thank you for taking a moment to share too.

  4. My baby is 19 – pregnancy brain turned into mommy brain and I still have it! I remember some morning sickness, some of the other things you mention but especially the food and smell issues. Coffee brewing still smells gross and I can’t eat oregano – nasty stuff. Hang in there 🙂

  5. I had to chuckle as I read this, because it’s pretty much a fair representation of pregnancy woes. The miraculous thing is, that once that little baby is born, all of this struggle and misery seems inconsequential, and so very worth it… and then you move into the realm of mommy woes, which last… forever! My babies are now 34 and 39, and are great “kids” but I still fret and worry! As miserable as the physical aspects of pregnancy can be for some (for me it was needing to pee every 1/2 hour in the final trimester), there are some pretty cool things that I wouldn’t trade for anything – like feeling that little life moving around inside you, making it’s presence known. It’s magical, and you will miss it after that baby is born! Sending lots of positive energy your way, prayers that this pregnancy goes well, and that your heart overflows with love and gratitude on birth day! Thank you for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday today, blogs are a great spot for venting! 🙂

    1. You’re so right, Josie. . . You are SO right. Tomorrow’s follow-up post will touch a bit on some of what you point out here. . . If it weren’t for being able to vent here, I just might explode! 😉 Thank you, once again, for taking the time to stop by, Josie. 😀

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  7. I agree totally……neither of my pregnancies were blissful in any way shape or form……I just wanted it to be over lol

  8. I hate every minute of being pregnant. Seriously. Labor is actually a huge blessing, because the whole thing is almost over. Best of luck.

  9. I had the worst migranes of my life during the bregnancy. And of course you can’t use the prescripted medication. So I would lie in a dark room for hours, hoping that the pain and the colours and the smells and all would just go away. Besides that the throwing up and smelling everything from miles away wasn’t really such a big thing. Everything in perspective… lol

  10. I hated being pregnant, it was HORRIBLE! Of course I was happy and excited and I couldn’t wait to have my adorable little baby boy but it literally almost killed me and him! I’m only 4’11 so gaining weight is tough to begin with but I was young and stupid so I ate junk whenever I was hungry (which was always) and ended up weighing around 220 pounds! I had so many problems and ended up on bed rest at only six months so I was miserable. When I was finally in labor I couldn’t dilate and after five hours his heart stopped beating so I had to have an emergency c-section.There was nothing beautiful about it but it was definitely worth it!

    1. Oh my! That REALLY doesn’t sound pleasant AT ALL! Yes. It IS definitely worth it. . . But, damn. It’s just not peaches & cream like some try to act like it is, now is it? 😉

    1. While every last bit of this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, this is my 3rd pregnancy & I can honestly tell you, it is still absolutely worth it! I just find that not enough people talk about the “nasty” side of it all (& I REALLY needed to vent about how I was feeling & adjusting!)All you really need is a good support system. . . 😉

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  12. Thank you so much for sharing this on Come Along Wednesdays! I love this post because it is so unbelievably true. Some women are lucky enough to have been blessed with ideal pregnancies and not have to go through all the horror stories, but I think that the majority of women experience the exact same things that you are going through. You are going to be a featured blogger on this week’s Come Along Wednesday! Thanks again for sharing your story 🙂

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