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Do you need motivation or inspiration to GET STUFF DONE? Do you have a side hustle? Is goal-setting practically a hobby for you?

Regardless of the reason, if you want to take charge of your life, your future — or just your DAY, this is where you’ll find posts in regard to all things related to productivity, goal-setting, & envisioning your best self.

What is a beta reader?

Before an author publishes a book, it goes through a rigorous editing & revision process that includes a team of beta readers. What is a beta reader? To first answer that, let me try to explain a touch about the writing process. Development When done writing their book and an author has revised and polished it to the best of their abilities on their own, they get outside eyes to make sure the story makes… Read More »What is a beta reader?

13 Peaceful & Productive Goals for This Year

I am a firm believer that if we do not aim for something, we will wind up hitting nothing at all. I don’t want to wander aimlessly through life. But I also don’t want to fall into the hustle culture we seem to all be prone to. That’s why I decided to write my goals for this year again. I hope to make it an annual habit. Life is such a rat race, isn’t it?… Read More »13 Peaceful & Productive Goals for This Year

Seeking Guest Bloggers for New Mental Health & Self-Care Series

Starting Monday, September 13, 2021, a new mental health & self-care series will begin to post as a new weekly feature right here on I am currently seeking GUEST BLOGGERS for this new series. The topics need to be centered around SELF-CARE &/or MENTAL HEALTH. I am seeking guest bloggers to write about self-care &/or mental health topics. If you are interested, here’s all that is needed for this opportunity: A 600-word (approximate minimum)… Read More »Seeking Guest Bloggers for New Mental Health & Self-Care Series

April NoFilter Global Deals

Every month, NoFilter Global provides ways to save money on their lines of cruelty-free, non-toxic skincare, mineral cosmetics, & cleaning essentials. Plus, affiliates have even more options with monthly incentives & rewards! Here are your April NoFilter Global deals. Skipping Daisies: April NoFilter Global Look of the Month NoFilter Global’s April look of the month is Skipping Daisies! This collection is worth $111, but is offered at just $94 — or $79.90 if you are… Read More »April NoFilter Global Deals

Look at How Far You Have Come Versus How Far You Have Yet to Go

How about a bit of storytime? I present to you a brief walk down memory lane. It’s amazing what can happen when you look at how far you have come versus how far you have yet to go! A couple of evenings ago, I got the email that one of my domains expired. Normally, I leave my domains on auto-renew — & I have had a TON of them the last three to five years… Read More »Look at How Far You Have Come Versus How Far You Have Yet to Go

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3 Incredible Ways Hobbies Improve Mental Health

Having something you’re passionate about is a necessity. I know some people think of excitement & things we do for pleasure as luxuries. But, the reality is that hobbies improve mental health. Are there more important things to worry about? Of course. We need a roof over our heads & food in our bellies. We need to feel like we aren’t on guard at all hours of the day. But, we also need to feel… Read More »3 Incredible Ways Hobbies Improve Mental Health

Journaling is self-therapy

Somewhere along the line, journaling, for me, became more than documenting my thoughts & feelings & what happened throughout the day. Instead, it became my method of actually processing all of those things. When my brain gets so chaotic, I am lost within it, getting my thoughts & feelings — & insecurities! — out & into written form is therapy to me. Sometimes it’s painful & sometimes it is a total relief. But it pretty… Read More »Journaling is self-therapy

You Do Not Deserve Happiness

Depression is a gnarly beast. It tricks you into thinking you are unworthy & unloved. It tricks you by changing your brain & giving you that voice that tells you all the things you don’t deserve & shouldn’t strive toward. But, the one thing it gets right is that you do not deserve happiness. No one deserves happiness. It’s not something to be earned or worked toward in that way. Happiness isn’t some reward for… Read More »You Do Not Deserve Happiness

What if you view your life as a story?

The world doesn’t revolve around you. And, chance are, if you treat it as if it does, you will wind up alienating more people than you think. No one wants to be casted off as second-rate or left in the dust as soon as things get too tough for you. Yet, what if you chose to view your life as a story destined for a novel or a movie script? What if you found your… Read More »What if you view your life as a story?

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4 Things to Do Today to Start Your Year Over in February

I am glad January is finally over. Aren’t you? Frankly, it was kind of depressing — & I didn’t even fully realize it until now that it is over. That said, today marks a NEW month. A NEW opportunity to mold life into the experience we want it to be. AND, a NEW opportunity to shift our mindset & habits. I have seen it joked that February 1 is the NEW beginning to 2021. Maybe… Read More »4 Things to Do Today to Start Your Year Over in February