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3 Reasons to Join Sweet Minerals for Just $1

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You might think an article like this is going to be a hard sell of reasons to join Sweet Minerals as part of someone's — okay, my! — downline. Only ONE dollar?! Really? That's SUPER affordable! What's the catch? But, truthfully, there's no catch. And, this article is different. You need the information to make a good decision for YOU. And, the reality is that this deal isn't for everyone. Here's how to know if it is for you, though. Read on for three solid reasons to join Sweet Minerals for just one dollar.

3 reasons to join sweet minerals for just $1, join sweet minerals for $1, join sweet minerals for one dollar, reasons to join sweet minerals, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals, reta jayne

1). Join Sweet Minerals for Just $1 if you already know & love the products!

If you've been a customer already & have been thinking about becoming a Sweet Educator, the opportunity to join Sweet Minerals for just one dollar might be for you. Starting a business requires preparedness. And the Sweet Minerals join kit provides that for you by giving you a SWEET deal on over $500 in super popular products for only $99!

become a Sweet Minerals consultant with the Sweet Minerals Join Kit $99 for over $510 in natural cruelty free mineral makeup and skin care products and tools to start your Sweet Minerals business off on the right foot

But, if that $99 is totally out of your budget & you already know the company & have some of the products, the one-dollar join option might be a great option for you!

Join Sweet Minerals for just $1 & you will not get any products mailed to you. BUT, you will get ALL the digital resources & training any other Sweet Educator would get. So, if you already know & love the products, this option might not leave you wanting.

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2). Join Sweet Minerals for only $1 if you want to build your own “kit”.

The $99 kit of products & catalogs you get is a wonderful deal. There's over $500 in products with it! AND, most months, you get another free gift along with it! (In October, it is a Blueberry Oxygen facial mask AND facial scrub!)

However, it IS a “canned” set of products, of which you do NOT get to choose your colors or variety. It IS built on the best-selling products to set you up for success at an affordable price, of course!

BUT, if you want to customize your products on-hand without having the excess, you DO have that option. You can join Sweet Minerals for one dollar & your replicated site will be up-&-running immediately! That means, you can turn around & place an order right away for the products YOU want! AND you'll get credit for personal volume (PV) on that order AND get reimbursed commission on that purchase too!

So, you'll already be working toward your Sweet Start incentives that can only be earned within your first 90 days!

3). Join Sweet Minerals for Only $1 if you are a self-sufficient personal-user who just wants to earn some money back.

The KEY here is that you should be good at trouble-shooting & you should use the products pretty regularly. If you decide to join Sweet Minerals for just $1 mostly just to earn back some of the money you spend on your own products, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • After your first month, there is an $8.99 technology fee until (or if — as a personal use educator) you reach a certain rank.
  • Commission is paid weekly, not immediately. So, you will purchase your items from your own site as usual & be REIMBURSED your commission amount.
  • Your sponsor (me, if you sign under my link!) will still be there to answer questions, but the majority of your trouble-shooting will fall to YOU. You'll be a business owner. My role would switch from being your personal shopper to being your coach.
  • There's a good chance you'll fall in love with the culture of Sweet Minerals & decide you want more! (Ha!)
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No matter what you decide, just let your sponsor (the person you sign under) know your reasons to join Sweet Minerals (for $1 or with the full $99 kit). Be clear about YOUR intentions & goals with your new business from the start.

I will never pressure you to do what you don't want to do & will support your choice. I consider it my job to give you information to reach the objectives you choose.

Want to chat more about reasons to join Sweet Minerals?

I'd love to! Email me at or shoot me a private message.

Or, are you ready to take the leap?

And, of course, if you're looking for a “direct sales home,” talk to me about NoFilter Global. Just contact me via the methods above. We have a community like no other, the Sweet Minerals compensation plan is phenomenal, & we put a lot of thought into our training — both through the company & within my team & upline.

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