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Recognizing Inspirational People

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Inspiration is a magnificent thing! It comes in so many different forms & is something completely different from one person to the next. It is what compels you to do something. . . It's what pushes you further along than you ever thought possible, or to pick up & try again after you've been knocked down for what seems like one too many times. It's what gives you the energy to brainstorm that great idea & what gives you hope & the smile on your face.

For me, inspiration comes in the form of how I feel when I've done something well or accomplished something I've set my mind to & worked my ass off for. That feeling is one of the most wonderful things & it has the power to keep me floating along a path to more good things (when I keep The Bitch from ruining it, that is!). But, mostly, my inspiration comes from the people around me. . . Let me explain.

When the handsome husband comes home from work, frustrated about one thing or another & still sets that aside to take the time to make me feel special & wanted & needed, I am inspired to work harder to hold up my share of our workload at home. I am inspired to make sure I am doing well in my college classes so that I can, one day, significantly contribute to our financial well-being. I am inspired to brainstorm other things I can do to help make his life a little easier — either now or in he future.

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When I think of my sons & how fast they are growing up & all the things they have learned, are learning, & will learn, I am inspired to help make sure that I can give them some kind of an example of how they should conduct themselves as they grow into the intelligent men they are destined to become. I am inspired to lead by example. When I knew their fathers were not the men that were meant to be my partner, I was inspired to make sure my sons had two potential opportunities to see a positive, healthy relationship, rather than one relationship (with their fathers) that I knew wouldn't be healthy. I am inspired to get my college degree so that they can look at my progress & know that if I could do it in my thirties — in a way that many consider “the hard way” — that they can certainly do it right out of high school & bypass all the obstacles I let hinder my own progress.

When I look around me at my friends & family, each doing great things in their own lives, I am inspired by the obstacles they successfully overcome to reach their goals. Some have gone back to college in their thirties or forties & are working their asses off to make sure they reach their educational goals. Some are leaving unhealthy relationships & starting anew, even though the whole idea is quite frightening. Still others are taking calculated risks to start a business they've always dreamed about or to purchase their first home or to travel (or pick up & move) to new & wonderfully adventurous locals. I am inspired by these people! The guts it must take! It makes me want to open my own eyes a little wider to seek out the opportunities I have let slip away & take a moment to dream a little. .  .Then to take those dreams & turn them into plans. . . Then to put those plans in action so that maybe — just maybe — I can inspire someone else too.

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Then, here are the people I haven't even met. They are bloggers that I come across on a cozy afternoon of poking around on the Internet, classmates I encounter at the college, or the young kid that stopped to help an elderly person pick up something they dropped. Each of these people have a story. Maybe it's an obstacle that was conquered. . . a quality worthy of imitating. . . or something else entirely.

It's definitely the people around me that inspire me the most. . . As long as I keep my eyes open & embrace the feelings these people evoke, I will stay inspired. . . As long as I am careful about the types of people I allow to surround me, I will be inspired. . . & maybe I'll even be able to be the inspiration to someone else. . .

How do YOU stay inspired? Who inspires you the most? Comment below, email me at, or connect with me on Facebook.

This post was written in participation of the Blog-tember Challenge, hosted by Bailey Jean of Brave Love. Please take the time to click here to see what others wrote in response to the prompt: “How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?”


4 thoughts on “Recognizing Inspirational People”

  1. I read a thing lately which said about surrounding yourself with greatness, and always making sure that in your social circle, you’re the least ‘whatever’, so that you have learning to do and places to ‘get to’.

    I dunno who said it or where, though, and I’m so so tired my eyes are shutting as I type.

    BUT glad you have lovely people around you

    1. It is amazing to me how much you “get me” although we’ve never met, Lizzi! That is EXACTLY what I was hoping whoever read this would get out of this post. 😉

      Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people that give you something greater to strive for, regardless of what that is. Yep. 😉

      I am feeling SO validated right now! LOL. Thank you for that. 😉

      1. It’s funny that I came across that quote only the other day, and I thought “Yeah – I can totally see where I do that – especially here in the Blogosphere”. Still dunno who said it though. SLEEP happened. It was (mostly) lovely 🙂

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