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Reta Jayne’s 101 in 1001

If you're not familiar, 101 in 1001 is a list of 101 specific things I wish to accomplish with 1,001 days (roughly 2.75 years). The idea is that there is not only a specific deadline to accomplish everything on the list, but also that there are several seasons before the deadline in which to get to it. For a bit of an introduction to my thoughts behind 101 in 1001 — or at least how it applies to me — please check out this or this.

Reta Jayne's 101 in 1001. (All images from morgueFile.)

Reta Jayne's 101 in 1001. (All images from morgueFile.)

This particular list will encompass the time period from October 27, 2014 until the 1,001-day deadline of July 24, 2017.

I will update the list regularly, directly to this page &, as often as it is feasible, I will give specific details about accomplishments (or disappointments) regarding this list in a separate post with links back. Lastly, while I tried to make this list as realistic as possible in regard to my deadline, I have to admit that, particularly in the “travel” section, I am doubtful I can accomplish all of those items — but it doesn't mean I won't try! 😉

I've purposely mixed up the order of some of these — in some cases, to have some of the heavier stuff in between some of the “easier” items & in others to keep like items together. . . Either way, along with helping to hold me accountable, I hope this list lends some inspiration to someone else. 😉



  1.  Plan a Royer family reunion.

  2.  Get a second dog; Logan needs a little brother.

  3.  Have a baby with the handsome husband OR make it right in my mind that we will not.

  4.  Meet my older siblings in person – I’ve met one, but it was 13 years ago. (0/4)

  5.  Meet my uncles (my father’s brothers).

  6.  Meet my nieces & nephews (father’s side).

  7.  Invite my grandmother to stay with us for a visit of a decent length (i.e. a few weeks to a couple of months).

  8.  Purchase & set up a desk & PC for the handsome husband’s space to work on his goals. (September 2015)

Recreation & Self-Fulfillment

  1.  Get my “Heart of Pi” tattoo in remembrance of my mother.

  2. Join (or start?) a book club (online, maybe?) (December 2014 – started on Facebook, here)

  3. Finish reading 30 books – not required reading; for the fun of it. (7/30)*

  4. Watch a Seahawks game – live & in person

  5. Get involved in a club or organization that interests me (either in the community or through the school)

  6. Do something fun in celebration on New Years’ Eve

  7. Send 10 small “surprises” via snail mail, each to a different person. A card, letter, trinket — anything as long as it's “just because” to brighten someone's day. (0/10)

  8. Go horseback riding.

  9. Ride a dirt bike or go four-wheeling.

  10. For at least four weeks, put on make-up every time I'll be away from the house for an hour or more (or when there's expected company for an hour or more). (0/4)

  11. Build up to at least two weeks worth of clothing that feels good to wear (regardless of its size or mine).


  1. Research indoor plants (or outdoor that would survive/thrive where we live) to find a few I might actually enjoy.

  2. Pot/plant at least three plants into containers I like (either for indoor or the back patio area, depending on the fruits of my research)

  3. Keep new plants alive for at least three months! (0/3)

  4. Grow an herb garden – indoors or out, depending.

  5. Hang all my picture frames

  6. Get new picture frames to display more pictures (The handsome husband got me a few for Christmas 2014!! 🙂 )

  7. Decorate all of the walls in my home (whether with pictures, mirrors, or other decoratives)

  8. Get new glass for our wedding frame.

  9. Get a headboard for our bed

29.Get new (matching) nightstands for master bedroom

  1. Get new lamps for master bedroom

  2. Fully furnish Little RJ’s bedroom (bed, nightstand, dresser – at minimum) We've decided Little RJ's room will be the guest room when he is here. (We're turning the third bedroom into the handsome husband's office space for his gaming & such.) SO, now, this item will simply be to get Riley some kind of storage space (a small dresser or some kind of drawers) that will fit in the guest room closet for his clothing & such when he is here.

  3. Get new chairs for kitchen table

  4. Actually put up & decorate a Christmas tree of some sort

  5. Have two well-running vehicles (with AC). (July 2015)

  6. For at least two weeks, go to bed six out of seven nights of the week with all housework done** (0/2)


  1. Make an entire holiday meal myself (i.e. a typical Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter dinner) (Thanksgiving 2014!)

  2. Learn how to make a basic tomato sauces from scratch

  3. Learn how to make enchilada sauce from scratch

  4. Learn how to make homemade pasta from scratch

  5. Make homemade baked beans from scratch

  6. Get a new set of pots & pans. (Purchased with gift cards received for Christmas 2014!)

  7. Make homemade ice cream

  8. Try canning something

  9. Learn to grill the perfect steak.

45. Learn to make a béchamel sauce really well. (I’ve got the basics, but need some practice.) (I am good here; not sure when my confidence kicked in, though!)

  1. Learn to make mirepoix (My dicing needs some a lot of work.)

  2. Make my own chicken stock.

  3. Make my own brown stock.

  4. Learn to make espagnole sauce.

  5. Learn to make a demi-glace.

  6. Bake a carrot cake from scratch (with a cream cheese frosting)

  7. Bake a German chocolate cake from scratch.

  8. Acquire a small serving set that I like (platters, bowls, etc.)

  9. Replace my crock pot (finally!) (July 2015, I think it was)


  1. Qualify for & apply to the honors program at my school (Qualified Fall Semester 2014!) February 2015! 😀

56. Qualify for & join Phi Theta Kappa. February 2015! 😀

  1. Earn my associate's degree.

  2. Decide where to transfer to earn my bachelor's degree

  3. Learn enough German to carry a basic conversation

  4. Try out at least one local church

  5. Aim for A’s & earn no less than B’s in all college courses, with a minimum 3.5 GPA each semester. (2/6)

  6. Have at least two 4.0 semesters. (2/2) (Fall 2014 & Spring 2015)

  7. Learn the code & such to build my own basic website.

  8. Become proficient at MS Excel. (I can already hold my own alright, but I intend to eliminate any doubt.)

  9. Get an entry-level job (or internship?) involving finance.

Finances & Goal-Setting

  1. Get non-medical delinquent debt paid off.

  2. Form a feasible plan to become a homeowner.

  3. Re-start a retirement fund

  4. Build our emergency fund (minimum 3 months basic living expenses to start)

  5. Create a vision board, (images & phrases that represent long-term goals)

  6. Document (write down) 5-year goals.

  7. Document (write down) 10-year goals.

Blogging & Writing

  1. Take a creative writing class (for credit or not)

  2. Write a short story.

  3. Post to Calculated Chaos at least three times per week for 12 consecutive weeks. (3/12) (1/12)

  4. Post to Calculated Chaos once per day for an entire calendar month.

  5. Brainstorm plots, characters, & overall concepts for a potential attempt at a novel. Be detailed.

  6. Self-host Calculated Chaos – for the fun & control & learning experience of it. 😉

  7. Enlist at least three friends or family members to compose a guest post for Calculated Chaos. (0/3)

Health & Fitness

  1. Give Zumba an honest try.

  2. Be active for at least 30 minutes per day, at least three days per week, for four consecutive weeks. (0/4)

  3. Get wires back on braces OR have brackets removed & make new plan for oral health (Wires were put back on Thursday 12/18/2014!)

  4. Ride bicycle for at least 30 minutes, once per week, for at least six weeks (0/6)

  5. Try out yoga.

  6. Try out Pilates.

  7. Get an Oral B or Sonicare electric toothbrush to keep up oral health.

  8. Get a water pick to keep up oral health. (Purchased with gift cards received for Christmas 2014!)

88. Run (Ha!) WALK in a 5k.

  1. Get uveitis managed (lessened visits, normal daily routine)

  2. Invest in new eyeglasses with transitional lenses (or get prescription sunglasses)

  3. Get an annual well-exam/physical each year. (2015, 2016, 2017)

  4. Donate blood

  5. Look into the possibility of vision-correction surgery (cost, complications, proper timing, etc.)


  1. Get my passport

  2. Take a real vacation with the handsome husband that’s at least one week in duration to a destination that is purely for fun &/or relaxation

  3. Go somewhere that requires using my new passport.

  4. Visit the Nashville, Tennessee area.

  5. Visit all Washington family at least once per calendar year, (2015, 2016, 2017)

  6. Visit Las Vegas again — with a decent budget for fun & relaxation.

  7. Visit the Grand Canyon

  8. Take a road trip (3 days or more) – for the fun of it.

I would love it so much if you'd comment below with your thoughts. What items might we have in common if you were making a list too? What items would you add that are not here? I can always be found for discussion over on Facebook as well. 😉

*Recreational books read: (1) “Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon; (2) “The Giver” by Lois Lowry; (3) “The Fiery Cross” by Diana Gabaldon; (4) “A Breath of Snow & Ashes” by Diana Gabaldon; (5) “An Echo in the Bone” by Diana Gabaldon; (6) “Written in My Own Heart's Blood” by Diana Gabaldon; (7) “Order of Seven” by Beth Teliho

**To me, “all housework done” means that the dishes are clean or the dishwasher is running; the kitchen counters are clear & wiped down; the bathrooms are presentable; the laundry is folded & put away or in the dryer or a hamper, with none in piles waiting to be folded or left in the washing machine; all floors are swept or vacuumed or otherwise presentable; & that there is no unnecessary clutter left in the living areas.

17 thoughts on “Reta Jayne’s 101 in 1001”

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    1. You really should! It was quite fun to do. . . Felt good to post too. (I bet it’ll feel even better to start marking stuff off!) 😀 Plus, then we could do some stuff together (or at least in tandem).

    1. Right?! I am not sure. . . I came across this on another blogger’s site, did a Google search & just set to work, though. You are more than welcome to use mine as a starting point in creating yours!

  2. I love lists like these! There are so many great ideas on yours that I hadn’t read before – I especially like mastering some of the basic sauces (and I have NO idea how to make enchilada sauce!).

    1. Thank you!!! When I came across this idea, I just KNEW it was something I had to do. It took me a bit to get my list together & get it posted, but I feel so inspired & invigorated now that it’s out there for everyone to see. I highly recommend doing one! 😀

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