Seeking Guest Bloggers for Mental Health & Self-Care Series

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Starting August 2021, I am planning a new weekly feature right here on I am currently seeking GUEST BLOGGERS for this new series. The topics need to be centered around SELF-CARE &/or MENTAL HEALTH.

I am seeking guest bloggers to write about self-care &/or mental health topics.

If you are interested, here’s all that is needed for this opportunity:

  • A 600-word (approximate minimum) article that tells a compelling story or gives advice from your experiences regarding a self-care or mental health topic.
  • A blurb about who you are &/or what you do (to appear with your blog post).
  • A photo of you that you would like me to use with your author blurb.
  • A link to your funnel endpoint &/or to a lead magnet related to your article’s topic. (This is, of course, optional. But if you have a business or online platform, it’s a nice opportunity for more exposure.)

Your platform doesn’t have to be centered around these things in order to submit.

If you have a story to tell or advice to give, this is a place for you to do so.

You can be an author, direct seller, home-based business owner, or anything (or nothing!) at all. There is NO prerequisite for this guest blogger opportunity. You simply need a story or lesson to share that has something (anything!) to do with self-care &/or mental health.

It is important to have an outlet for these types of stories. Now you have one, whether you have your own or not. THIS is your chance to use your voice.

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In addition to linking to you within your post, I will also share it on my social channels &/or to my email list. Neither are huge, but they are fairly engaged, all things considered.

I prefer original submissions, but if you have published your submission previously, please disclose where it has been published so I can link back to it too.

Submit to [email protected] in the form of a link to a Google Doc at your earliest convenience.

I intend for this to be an ongoing weekly feature, but submissions received before Monday, July 26, 2021 will likely be included first. Once you have submitted, expect to hear back from me within the first half of August.

Questions? Just comment below! Emails (to [email protected]) are also encouraged.

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