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Self-Care Pledge

Printable Self-Care Pledge


Printable Self-Care Pledge

An Effective Tool on Your Journey to Better Self-Care

Good self-care starts with your MIND. You need to get yourself emotionally & psychologically prepared to CONSISTENTLY take care of yourself in this way. This starts with the willingness & commitment to put yourself first — for the good of YOU & all those who love & depend on you.

It's okay if you don't believe you deserve it just yet. But your worth is unquantifiable! Do not take it for granted! It's THAT valuable. YOU are THAT valuable.

With this Self-Care Pledge, you will have the first step to getting your mind right. Post it front-&-center in a spot you will encounter it EVERY day — maybe even multiple times per day! Print an extra copy to fold up & put in your purse.

Use this self-care pledge to keep YOU at the forefront of your mind while you start to make the changes necessary to put yourself first — not to be selfish, but to be the best you possible & to lead by example in this life…