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4 Reasons the Sweet Minerals Compensation Plan is Incomparable

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Sweet Minerals is a company of high integrity. Full ingredient lists for each product is available to all. The founders of the company interact with educators on nearly a daily basis. There is transparency in everything Sweet Minerals does. So, there is no surprise to find that the Sweet Minerals compensation plan is like no other in direct sales.

You can earn monthly bonuses without building a team.

As soon as you join Sweet Minerals, you are a Sweet Minerals Educator. At this first “rung” of the Sweet Minerals career path, you immediately begin earning 25% of all sales through your replicated site, which is available to you the moment you complete your online application.

In addition to your commission, you can also receive a monthly bonus of 5% to 15% of your monthly sales when you reach $600 or more. PLUS, Sweet Minerals offers monthly sales incentives (usually in the form of free products) & promotions & contests fairly regularly. Participating in company-sponsored contests are designed to help boost your business AND you can wind up winning some great prizes & public recognition as a result! 

All of this without sponsoring (bringing into the business) anyone.

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Your family bonuses are based on YOUR sales.

When you sponsor just ONE person into your Sweet Family (bring them into the business), you can gain your first promotion to Flawless Educator when you & your downline reach $750 in combined sales in the month. This is when you begin to earn a family bonus! 

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Family bonuses range from 1% to 10% of your downline's sales each month & are paid DIRECTLY FROM THE COMPANY, so they do NOT take from your Sweet Family (team). The amount you are awarded in that range depends on YOUR monthly sales & YOUR career rank. 

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There are NO breakaways in the Sweet Minerals compensation plan.

In many direct sales companies, lurking in their compensation plan, is a clause that says that once you've helped someone become a leader in the company, their sales — & the sales of their entire downline team — break away from YOUR team & you no longer get the same bonuses paid from them. Many times that person's success doesn't even count toward your own rank any longer either. 

This can be devastating! All of that coaching & leading just to have that recognition & sales volume yanked out from under you? Not with Sweet Minerals!

There are NO breakaways. When you spend the time coaching & leading & helping someone else also become a leader, that person & their entire team REMAIN in your downline & you keep earning family bonuses & career advancements just the same, regardless of their own career rank.

This also means that if someone in your downline somehow reaches a rank ABOVE yours, you can STILL be rewarded, through family bonuses & career title criteria, for bringing them into their business & helping & coaching them.

You put in the work, you are given your bonus. There is NO fine print taking that away.

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Sweet Minerals has a retirement plan.

You read that right. Built into the Sweet Minerals compensation plan is a way to RETIRE & still get paid! The last “rank” shown on the compensation plan is that of “Million Dollar Matriarch.” This is NOT the last actual career title. The last actual career title is “Executive Mentor.” AFTER Executive Mentor, when you are ready to put your Sweet Minerals business on auto-pilot & retire, you can become a Million Dollar Matriarch & receive 1% of ALL sales by ALL of your downline. 

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All you have to do is maintain an “active & engaged” status with the company! Picture that: $1 million in downline sales (the requirement to retire at this level) multiplied by 1% equals $10,000 per month! That's pretty incredible!

Of course, take a look over the entire Sweet Minerals compensation plan for yourself if you'd like. I am also available to answer any & all questions you might have. None is too big or too small. I promise you that! There is NO pressure or obligation to contact me for more information or clarification.

I can be reached via email at or via Facebook Messenger. You are also welcome to join us over in the Calculated Chaos Community for empowerment, confidence boosts, friendships, & fun in a judgement-free corner of the InterWebs!

When you are ready to take the leap into the Sweet Life by partnering with me & Sweet Minerals, just pop over HERE to fill out our application & get your kit &/or digital membership. OR if you simply want to peruse the Sweet Minerals products, click HERE. 😉

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