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Ten Things of Thankful

When life starts to seem over-bearing, mundane, or just downright too difficult, it is helpful to pause & remember all of the blessings that are present, but sometimes overlooked. One of my favorite sayings is “What you think about, you bring about.” (I don't remember where I heard that first? Mary Kay, maybe?) Anyway, I firmly believe it is true. . . Whatever you let take over your thoughts will eventually manifest itself in your life. . .

“I can't do anything right!” Well, eventually, you won't!

“Today's going to be just as bad of a day as yesterday. . . Why should I bother?!” Well, with thoughts like that, of course you're not going to have a good day!

“I am not a domestic person.” This is one I tell myself a lot — & while, to some extent, it is true, I am limiting myself by putting this thought in my brain so frequently. . .

If you had someone following you around, whispering in your ear all the same things you tell yourself on a daily basis, would you let that person keep following you around? I'd think not! So why do we allow it of ourselves?Read More »Ten Things of Thankful

on purpose

On Purpose: Episode Three

Not sure what I mean by “On Purpose” or what the deal is with this weekly post? Click here.

On Purpose

I've come to the realization that the weeks when I accomplish everything I mean to accomplish will be few & far between. While, it takes much mental convincing on my part to try to accept this, I've decided that is exactly what I must do. As I hinted towards last week, progress is better than stagnation. . . &, frankly, setting goals seems to ensure some kind of progress, particularly when shared with others.

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Ultimate Coffee Date

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Come in! Come in! Order your favorite coffee — or pick a non-coffee beverage, I won't judge! Pull up a chair & let's chat. Today is our (obviously virtual) coffee date & there's so much to share. (I haven't been drinking coffee lately, but when I do indulge in a cup, I drink it black. . . Or, if I was splurging, I would get a hazelnut mocha americano with a splash of soy milk. Yum!)

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On Purpose: Progress

To find out what this “On Purpose” series is all about, catch up by reading On Purpose: Introduction, published last week.

On Purpose

It's been an interesting week in regard to trying to be more purposeful. When reviewing the three goals I made for myself, I have to say, when completely honest, I didn't quite succeed at a single one. That kind of hurts to say. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I sat down to write this & came to that realization.

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It Is What It Is




It all started back on Mothers Day. . . No, probably a few weeks before then. . . I just wasn't feeling like myself — whatever that is supposed to feel like. Tired all the time & wanting to sleep the day away. Didn't want to do anything except zone out on the television. Phases of not wanting to eat at all to eating everything in sight. . . Tears for seemingly no reason.Read More »It Is What It Is

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Nothing Can Compare

As I wrote about how pregnancy is not beautiful, I knew that I would, inevitably, have to write a follow-up post soon after. Do not get me wrong. I believe every word of what was written. I feel everything that was talked about there. BUT, I do also think there is room for further discussion — if for no other reason than to satisfy my own desire to show “the other side of the coin.”

I suspect, as with anything that you're not supposed to say, there's a certain amount of controversy that can arise. I was horribly aware of this as I hit the button to publish that post. This isn't necessarily to say that all of these things were brought to my attention. . . But, whether brought up by others or my own subconscious, there were a few questions or issues that I felt compelled to address. . .Read More »Nothing Can Compare

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Pregnancy is NOT Beautiful

I know I am not supposed to say this. . . And, I know I have a tendency to try to put a positive spin on damn near everything, (especially when posting here). BUT, there comes a point when a gal just needs to vent! Not everything said may sound logical. . . And, many of these proclamations may be gross exaggerations, BUT that does not mean they are not my true feelings, nonetheless. . .

Pregnancy is NOT beautiful.

The idea of pregnancy might be gorgeous & miraculous & all those things that everyone wants to “ooh” & “aah” & carry on about. BUT, pregnancy itself is NOT beautiful. It is messy & gross & sickening. A miserable time for almost everyone involved.

It starts with feeling nauseous for what seems like no apparent reason. Maybe there's bloating & cramping. . . Most likely, there are several nasty mood swings & lots of blubbering tears. And don't forget the sore boobs that I can no longer let my husband touch. . . That hurt just to accidentally brush up against the sheets in bed. . . Boobs that can't be happy stuffed up into a now-ill-fitting bra, but that also aren't happy to just dangle at the whims of gravity.

See? He likes the boobies.

See? He likes the boobies.

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Magic in Our Lives

Life is hard. It is messy & intense & crazy. . . & beautiful & downright magical. All you have to do is look around to find some of its magic. . .

Yesterday, as the handsome husband I were having a little chat, we came to a realization. . . There are so many little things that just added up into this perfect, magically BLESSED moment.

Let me attempt to explain:

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