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The Truth About Direct Sales

truth about direct sales, direct sales myths & truth

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Direct Sales. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Network marketing. They come under different names, but they all refer to a similar business structure. We see our friends who join these companies & we brace ourselves for the almost inevitable experience of being inundated with spammy, salesy messages & phone calls & social media posts trying to get us to buy or join whatever half-cocked product or service they're pushing.

truth about direct sales, direct sales myths & truth

But is this what direct sales really is? What is direct sales supposed to be? Why do people sign up to annoy their friends in this way? What is it about direct sales that we just aren't seeing?

What most think of when they here the words “direct sales,” & what direct sales really is supposed to be are TOTALLY different. That's the truth. Let me line it out for you:

Direct sales is about relationships, not so much sales.

Relationships. Meeting new people, connecting with people. Talking & getting to know new people and those with whom you are already acquainted. Direct sales opens the door to a whole community of people who are also involved in networking & who have similar interests as you. It also encourages you to get out of your comfort zone & get to know other people. Strike up conversations! Give unsolicited COMPLIMENTS.

It isn't supposed to be about spamming your link everywhere & blindly adding social media “friends” or leaving your catalog in other people's waiting rooms. That's trashy. There is a better way to do it. Focus on the relationships. It isn't about SALES. Boom! Truth. The sales will eventually come too… But the focus is supposed to be about genuine interactions & building relationships. 

Direct sales is a means to boost confidence.

What is more smile-inducing than conquering a few fears, learning some new skills, & making some new friends? What about pulling even a modest income while doing it all? Lets add to it further. Can you see how it might boost your confidence to share a product or service you love with others so that their confidence might be boosted too? Direct sales is a means to do all of these things & more.

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Direct sales is about sharing & storytelling.

Have you thought about it? When you find a great deal at Target or a sweet deal online, what's your first instinct? Okay, your first instinct is to GRAB IT UP! But, what is your next instinct? To share!!! YES! You want to share the good stuff with your friends & family. You want to shout it from the rooftops to whomever will listen because you REALLY believe it is that fabulous, right?

Direct sales is ALL about exactly this. Find a product or service you can be excited about — or are already excited about — & share it with the world! Excitement is contagious & there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Be genuine & share your excitement.

Tell the story about how you found this amazing thing/service/company/group/community. Tell the story in a way that brings forth emotion — in you, in the people listening or reading, & in the people they try to tell your story to as well. Make them FEEL what you feel & want to know more.

Take a closer look at the direct sales world.

Sincerity & excitement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Add in confidence & learning & building new relationships & you've got it. THIS is what direct sales is all about. You haven't REALLY been introduced to the TRUTH behind direct sales if you have only seen the spammy, annoying ickiness of it all. Take a closer look & see past those who are missing the way direct sales is REALLY supposed to operate, then tell me what you think.

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