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Thinking Out Loud, Volume 2

thinking out loud2

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I started a few weeks ago, then took an unscheduled hiatus. Thought I'd try again. . .

Take a little mental trip with me. . . A few random thoughts. . .


  • The handsome husband & I had our first doctors' appointment yesterday for our little sugarplum. Well, we didn't actually see the doctor. . . BUT, there was blood work & lots of pamphlets & a whole tote bag of books & samples that we brought home. Then, the handsome husband wrote a little note to Sugarplum on one of the pages in a reference book. . . I won't go into details, but I thought it was the neatest thing ever. Hopefully writing about it here doesn't deter him from continuing. . . He says we need to keep that book handy so he can write after each of our appointments. Too cute. I love it! Plus, we officially have four weeks left to go before we get to hear Sugarplum's heartbeat through the Doppler at our next appointment. Quite exciting! I am even more thrilled that the handsome husband insists on going to each & every appointment. I pretty much hit the jackpot in the handsome husband department. . .
  • Along with that appointment came the experience of having to step on that scale again. . . Ugh. No bueno. I have far surpassed my heaviest weight in my entire life.  I, literally, had to fight the urge to cry. On the one hand, I am disgusted & defeated. . . On the other, I am almost ready to make some serious changes. I just don't get why it is “almost” instead of “completely.” What else has to happen for me to kick my ass into gear? Not sure. Frustrating.
  • Did you know there are all kinds of medications that are now considered safe to take during pregnancy?! Talk about making me feel old! LOL. My previous two pregnancies, there was acetaminophen (Tylenol) or suffering. That's it. Nothing else. This time around, they gave me a whole list of different medications that are considered safe, for a range of ailments from headaches to constipation to insomnia to allergies. Say what?! Maybe this won't be so bad afterall. . . Ha!
  • Today is May Day. . . It makes me think of lilacs. Only because there was a lilac bush in our backyard growing up. (I still so love their smell!) We would cut a bunch off the bush & tie a ribbon around it, then pick a neighbor or two to place them on their doorstep & ring the bell & run. It was such fun. I think now, as an adult, it might be kind of annoying. . . But, then again, maybe not if it was a bunch of lilacs that greeted me. 😉
  • Mothers Day is coming up. . . It's a “hit or miss” kind of holiday for me. . . Sometimes horrific. . . Other times, quite nice. . . And still others, it is just another day. Trying not to give it too much thought this year. It really could go in any direction. We shall see. . .
  • The day before Mothers Day is my sister & nephew's birthday. She had him on her sixteenth birthday. I am a bit bummed this year because she & I had a falling out nearly two months ago. I am still a bit angry about it. . . But mostly just sad. She hasn't made any attempts to rectify the situation. (I don't think she thinks she has anything to apologize for — which, to me, is the heart of the problem.) I find myself debating what I really want to do in acknowledgement of her birthday. She's still my sister, afterall. I had the same internal dilemma when the handsome husband & I made our phone calls to let family know about our little sugarplum on the way. . . I called my grandmother & my aunt & all my uncles & even texted my best friends before I even called my sister. . . In the past, she probably would've been the first. I really considered not calling her! In the end, I am glad I did. But, still. What an unfortunate situation. . . We'll see what I decide in regards to her birthday. . .
  • The handsome husband & I have taken an after dinner walk the past two nights. Hopefully it can turn into a regular thing. The mutt loves it too, as we stop at a grassy patch roughly half-way through & let him run & fetch his ball. We all need the exercise, even if it is a short amount of time at a moderate pace. . . I am so out of shape, I believe that's about my limit right now anyway.
  • We found out yesterday that my mother- & father-in-law are planning to come visit just after Sugarplum is born. They will make the drive from Washington State to Arizona just after Christmas & stay for about three weeks. I am stoked! The handsome husband & I have already been seriously talking about the logistics of having his mother come down for a bit around then. Perhaps we'll be able to get my grandmother down here too. . . Maybe not as much to actively help, but just to visit & just be here. That'd be pretty damn cool. We'll see. . . 😀
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I could go on & on. . . At any given time, there's all kinds of things floating around in my brain. Obviously, there's a very clear theme here this week. But, so be it. It is what it is. What's been weighing on your mind lately? Get it out! If you don't have your own platform, feel free to share in the comments below. I don't mind. Seriously! 😉


This post was written in participation of the Thinking Out Loud link up hosted by Amanda at Running with Spoons. Please leave me a comment with some of the thoughts floating around in YOUR noggin’, then head over to this week’s link up to see what others had to share.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud, Volume 2”

  1. Yup! Your guy definitely sounds like a keeper 🙂 And I can’t even imagine how amazing of a feeling it must be to hear a little heartbeat inside of you. I’ve never had kids of my own, but I definitely hope to someday… even though I know I’d probably be a paranoid wreck. Good to know about the safe drugs, though — pregnancy and childbirth kind of scare the lights out of me 😯

  2. I have to say, I like your HH more and more the more I learn of him. I certainly enjoyed meeting him and getting to be a smart ass with him, and I’m looking forward to more time with the both of you!

    After dinner walks are a good start. So, do it! And feel good about it! Doing something is better than doing nothing at all!

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