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Top 10 Reasons I Switched from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals

LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals

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I know I recently shared the reason why I left LuLaRoe in the first place. But, the reasons I left LuLaRoe aren't ALL the reasons I made the switch from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals. I am content & thoroughly EXCITED with my journey with Sweet Minerals thus far… But what helped me make that transition? Why did I make the switch in the first place?

LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals

Honestly, I didn't go looking.

Well, kind of! I went looking for a mineral makeup that had tutorials — or something! — to make application easy. I am not a “glam girl” by nature, so I needed something quick & easy… BUT, I wanted SOMETHING. I felt like my confidence needed that outward boost while I was getting my mind right, y'know?

I found some other “competitors,” (which I hesitate to call that because I don't feel like there is any comparison), then I found Sweet Minerals!

Everything seemed almost too good to be true.

I liked everything I read & saw about the products, the company, the culture surrounding it… Then I compared prices for everything I wanted to try against the Join Us kit & decided to get the kit so I could play in a multitude of things to get a feel for it. I really thought I was going to “kitnap,” when people buy the business kit just for the products with no real intention of making a business from it. Surely, everything I read was just hype. I would gift the stuff I didn't like & cancel shortly after the kit arrived.

At that time, I was still with LuLaRoe.

I might have been a bit frustrated with my LuLaRoe business, but I wasn't truly thinking I was going to leave. I just thought I needed to “get my mind right” & find a new angle… So, when I tried the products that arrived in my Sweet Minerals Join Us kit & LOVED THEM, I tried to figure out how I could make both businesses work. I even had a few conversations with my Sweet Minerals sponsor about how I was just dipping my toes in but wasn't quite sure where I intended to go with it.

Then, I realized LuLaRoe was no longer for me.

I had those conversations with the handsome husband & shed all of those tears & went down the list of reasons to close up my LuLaRoe “shop,” but I wasn't sure how I would necessarily replace the confidence boosts it had once provided. My WHY was still the same: to continue to boost my confidence AND the confidence of other women & to give myself a sense of purpose & a way to calm the chaos of my mind — & my life — & to maybe, just maybe, help other women do the same…

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LuLaRoe wasn't necessary to fulfill my WHY.

So what was another avenue to get there? Blogging? Something else? Then it dawned on me that no ONE thing needed to fulfill my WHY, the thing that drives me. I could truly think like an entrepreneur if I was more strategic about how I went about things. How did I want to boost confidence & inspire others? How did I want to spend my days? Why was I letting LuLaRoe — or anyone — tell me how to do things?

So, I turned to Sweet Minerals.

The more I realized how far short LuLaRoe actually fell for me, the more my eyes opened to Sweet Minerals. Was it simply because I happened to find it at the right time? Perhaps that was a factor, but, in reality, there were a number of reasons the switch absolutely made sense for me…

So I began to list them (in no particular order):

1. Sweet Minerals has a product I enjoy using & sharing about.

That is pretty important. Of course, Sweet Minerals is something that already piqued my interest, but most importantly, I enjoy using the products — & found resources to make them super easy to use. Do you love the products? For me, it was a resounding YES.

Sweet Minerals Kennewick

2. Sweet Minerals has a culture of giving & putting PEOPLE first.

I didn't feel like a number when I joined. Even when I told my (assigned) sponsor I wasn't sure if I was actually going to work the business, she responded with kindness & sincerity when she told me that she was there to support me, no matter what my goals with Sweet Minerals wound up being. Who does that?! <3

3. Sweet Minerals gives their educators freedom to run their businesses as they see fit.

There are minimal rules in regard to how I run my business. I am empowered to really think like an entrepreneur. With LuLaRoe, I felt like I was constantly told to “think like a retailer,” but I had policies & procedures I was supposed to uphold that tied my hands in more ways than one. It is a complete 180 with Sweet Minerals. I truly feel like I partnered with a company instead of “signing my life away” to some corporation, y'know?

4. Sweet Minerals foots the “cost” of hostess rewards. 

How cool is that?! When one of my hostesses has an awesome party, we both benefit. The hostess gifts, half-priced items, & hostess “credits” do not come from my bottom line — they come straight from the Sweet Minerals warehouse! I don't have to factor it in as a business expense — unless I choose to sweeten the deal — which is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

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5. I am not required to keep a physical inventory with Sweet Minerals. 

Can I get a “Hallelujah!”? Seriously, though. I knew what I was signing on for with LuLaRoe. I did. I had a ton of fun with it & I learned so much. BUT, it is nice to take what I learned from running an inventory-based home business & apply it to a home business I do not have to carry inventory to be successful with. Do I have a small inventory on-hand? I do. But that is WAY different from the cost, space, & time constraints of being required to have inventory that moves all the time.

6. Sweet Minerals started with a ridiculously SMALL amount of capital. 

They got this business up-&-running practically with sheer HEART. They focused on the products first & made sure they were high quality & as natural as possible, with no unnecessary fillers, keeping it organic whenever feasible. I love this! I love that they kept it simple & let their passion drive them to where they are now.

7. Sweet Minerals is just now starting to gain some serious early momentum in the direct sales world!

It's because the company has grown so organically, focusing on product quality first. What does this mean? It means that there are still a lot of people who have no idea who we are. I get to introduce my company & our products to the world. I don't have to feel like “the market” is saturated with a ton of other Sweet Minerals educators.

8. There is SO MUCH opportunity to grow a Sweet Minerals family (our term for a “team” or “downline”) if I choose.

Because of the early growth momentum right now, I get to be among the first few thousand Sweet Minerals educators. Compare that to the 5- & 6-digit numbers (or more!) of most well-known direct sales companies out there (like LuLaRoe or Tupperware, for instance)! Seriously? How awesome will it be to look back at this time in a year or two as we grow a bit more? Isn't the thought EXCITING?!

9. I don't feel like a number or someone's paycheck.

I have to admit, with LuLaRoe, that's exactly how I felt… & how can you do well at anything when you feel like you're being used instead of built up??This is a BIG one for me… Coming from LuLaRoe where I started off SO excited & awestruck by the seemingly kind nature of the founders & the culture of that company, I was worried about “getting burned” by Sweet Minerals too. Is it too good to be true? It is proving that it is not.

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I love that I can be on a first-name basis with all four of the founders of the company. In the educator-only Facebook group or via email directly to them, I know I am heard when I have concerns or questions. I know it because nine times out of ten, it has been one of the founders who personally answer or address me. There are even quick little thank you notes on my packing lists from the warehouse!

10. Sweet Minerals gives me enough confidence, it overflows to others.

It just naturally flows from me to others. I don't have to think about what to say or how to say it. I can be wholeheartedly honest about my dealings with the company, my upline (which is about my only NON-complaint with LuLaRoe at this point), the products, how we do business, the choices that are made… ALL OF IT. It feels like an extension of me & one of my HOMES — where I am meant to be.

Frankly, I could probably go on & on about reasons I made the switch from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals.

I won't — not here, anyway — but I wouldn't mind chatting with YOU more about it if you'd like. I am not regretting my decision one bit. I am just over four months in at this point & I am loving everything about my experiences thus far — & I have ranked up a few times on their career plan. This isn't just fluff, y'all. I am having a good time AND realizing some success. I would love to show you how I am doing it if something like this is in your future.

Either way, shoot me an email or reach out to me on Facebook — either via messenger or in the Calculated Chaos Community. I am an open book & will answer any of your questions or concerns. If you want to see what Sweet Minerals is all about, take a peek here OR if you want to dive in & partner with me, go here to do it. You won't regret it either! 😉

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