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What Does It Mean to Be UNSTOPPABLE?

unstoppable, faces of depression, reach goals

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To me, the word has incredible meaning. I normally think very literally — &, believe it or not, despite having an online community & business built all around CONFIDENCE, my default action, nine times out of ten, involves extremely negative self-talk & a very lowly view of myself. This is my reality: constantly figuring out how to get out of a funk.

But, UNSTOPPABLE means that I do not let that define my existence or my potential or my RESULTS.  

UNSTOPPABLE means that I focus on my ACTIONS instead of results & constantly squash the negativity I encounter, both in my own mind and in the world around me. 

Here's the thing:

My obstacles are unique TO ME, but I am firmly convinced that there are MANY out there who experience, or have experienced, at least some version of much of what I have, but, for whatever reason, keep it hidden from the world &/or are afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to share their stories.  

unstoppable, faces of depression, reach goals

UNSTOPPABLE, to me, means sharing my story.

Learning from my story. Setting an example for others to be able to do the same in their lives, despite the fear. 

I suffer from a roller-coaster ride called “Bipolar disorder.” It isn't always what the media or society makes it out to be with hallucinations & hearing voices & all that extreme stuff… &, for me, thankfully, it not only hasn't been all of that, but it has also not meant suicidal thoughts. However, for me, bipolar means extreme depression – the kind that makes me not even want to get out of bed in the morning or take a shower or look any other human being in the eye.  

My bipolar is full of downs like I've described followed by “ups” that have me pursuing some project with intense tunnel vision & irritable emotions & unreasonable expectations of myself. I feel like I am always blind-sighted by which “mood” I'll wake to on any given day.  

It makes relationships difficult. It makes planning ahead difficult. It makes it hard to be a “good” housewife & mama & BUSINESS OWNER — a “good” human being, period. 

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But, y'know what? 

UNSTOPPABLE, to me, means pushing through it anyway. 

UNSTOPPABLE, for me, means making a phone call to set up appointments for psychiatric & psychological care. It means actually showing up to those appointments. It means sticking to recommended medications & finding the methods of management that will work for me – at least most of the time. 

UNSTOPPABLE, for me, means choosing one or two objectives each & every day that should be my main focus when I can pull together a few bits of clarity for myself. Some days those objectives are tasks like writing a blog post or recording a video for my business or studying for my degree; other days it is deep cleaning the bathroom or planning the week's menu & doing some grocery shopping. Still, other days, UNSTOPPABLE is simply forcing myself to get up & take a shower, & maybe even put some clothes on & leave my house – for ANY reason! 

That's UNSTOPPABLE to me. 

UNSTOPPABLE is learning to keep my eyes in my own lane.  

I suffer terribly from falling victim to the comparison trap. It is okay; we all do that from time to time. But, UNSTOPPABLE means catching yourself comparing & knocking that thought out of your head. It means changing the frame of your thoughts to something POSITIVE — & reminding yourself that, if you're going to compare (& you WILL – you're human!), you should ONLY compare to who you were yesterday… 

UNSTOPPABLE is truly focusing on those ACTIONS & soooo NOT letting yourself get TOO wrapped up in RESULTS. We control actions; we have NO control over results. 

Think about that for a few minutes. 

You can control whether you've reached out to people in a genuine fashion, seeking FRIENDSHIP & servitude to help them through whatever it is you can with the tools & knowledge you have. You can control HOW you meet people & the places you “hang out.”  

You can control whether you messaged or emailed or texted or called your customers from last month to make sure they're still enjoying their products they purchased & to find out if they have any questions or – God forbid! — problems you can help them with. 

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You can control SO MANY things – but you can NOT control whether someone will pull out their wallet. Whether you will have a certain amount of sales or earn a specific incentive. So, I really try NOT to focus on those things I cannot control: the RESULTS. Instead, I do my best to focus on what I can control: the ACTIONS.  

Chances are, focusing on ACTIONS will lead to desirable results… But, to me, UNSTOPPABLE means going through the motions & DOING, regardless of results. Pushing through with the ACTIONS that I know are positive, even if they aren't yielding the desired results YET. 

To me, UNSTOPPABLE means staying true to myself & for what I wish to be known.

It means building my business with integrity & humility & transparency, even if it means, that if I would just employ tactics I am NOT okay with (for my business), I could realize some RESULTS that I so desire… ? 

That is a hard one. 

Specifically, UNSTOPPABLE for me, in this exact moment, also means that, despite being only about 2,000 points away from earning a Cancun trip through my business, I will NOT become spammy or pressure people I know or my Sweet Family to do things or buy product they would not have otherwise done or purchased. I just can't. It isn't who I am & it isn't how I want to build my business. I want it to last. I need it to be sustainable…. & there are some things I know I could do that would get me that trip… But, to be honest, that trip wouldn't be nearly as SWEET if I earned it that way… 

(Though, bragging rights would be AWESOME wouldn't they?! LOL! You still never know. Cancun might still be in my future. I haven't given up!)  


UNSTOPPABLE, to me, means KNOWING, despite the negative self-talk & the temptation to waiver, that I have a plan.

… & IT IS A GOOD PLAN & that I will be MORE rewarded in the long-run by holding true to myself, rather than going for the instant gratification. 

I could keep going, y'all. UNSTOPPABLE is a powerful word. It means SO MUCH… But let me drive it home with just ONE more thing UNSTOPPABLE means to me. 

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UNSTOPPABLE means staring at whatever it is that SCARES you — & going in its direction anyway. 

You don't like being on camera? Perhaps that is what you should conquer next! (This is not just a blog post, but I am also challenging myself to put a version on my YouTube channel soon too, for example.) 

You're afraid to share YOUR story because others might not understand or might disagree with you or judge you harshly because of it? Do it anyway! YOUR tribe will find you. The more REAL you are with the world, the more meaningful connections you will find & the happier & more productive you will find yourself — & not just in business! ? 

The list can go on!

Go conquer your fears!

THAT is UNSTOPPABLE – yes, even if you do it one bite at a time… ONE thing I did in this regard is record a video (yikes!) of me trying our brow minerals for the first time (triple yikes when you consider the fact that brows intimidated me!) That YouTube video has brought a few new women into my life! Go figure!  

It is empowering! And, frankly, after writing all of this out & KNOWING I am only skimming the surface of what UNSTOPPABLE is to me, I am going to start telling myself that I AM UNSTOPPABLE… & perhaps I will really start believing it soon. I bet you can too. <3  

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