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What is the Purpose of Dreams?

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What do you dream about? I am not referring to literal dreams from when you sleep. But, rather, what is it you hope to do or see or accomplish? What do you desire? Do these dreams motivate you? Or do they torment you? Do they bring forth happiness or is it frustration because they seem so far fetched? Have you ever been left wondering what on Earth IS the purpose of dreams?

Dreams are visions of the future without barriers.

I dream to be a full-fledged entrepreneur who not only significantly contributes financially to my family, but also does so through work I thoroughly enjoy. I dream of freedom with my schedule to pick up & drop off my daughter at school & participate in all of her activities. The financial freedom to take vacations each year & to focus on making memories are what I dream about. I want to work to live & not the other way around. What I most dream about is growing a business I enjoy that will let my family do exactly that. It's a tall order. A lot of obstacles stand in the way of me & this very detailed dream. So, what, really is the purpose of dreams?

Dreams are a reflection of what we desire.

Desires sometimes get a bad reputation. But, really, what we desire can help us bring our dreams to life! For example, I like to write. I also enjoy sharing some of my struggles & how I overcome them. It's because I like the idea that someone out there might read about them & feel empowered or not alone. What is pretty darn cool about this is that, whether writing on this blog turns into a true entrepreneurial venture for me or not, the experience is still teaching me much about entrepreneurship! Fulfilling our desires in healthy ways can definitely bring us closer to our dreams.

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Without dreams, we wouldn't have the foundation for setting goals.

A dream is something we hope for one day. It is a wish — something that would be lovely to have or do or accomplish, but nothing that really has a solid plan behind it. On the other hand, a goal is a dream that has a plan attached. When you take a dream & back-trace the steps it would take to make it a reality, all of a sudden, a road map begins to shape. You can start to see HOW you might actually be able to make that dream a reality! This is when dreams get extra exciting! That bridge between fantasy & real-life begins to form & things don't seem so far-fetched any more!

What if our dreams were God's way of nudging us toward what we're meant to do?

What we long for isn't there for no reason. Perhaps the purpose of dreams is to simply guide us through life. Maybe we were never meant to live this crazy, hectic, 9 to 5, sit-in-traffic, go-all-the-time, stressful life (unless that's part of YOUR dream!). Could it be that what we dream about is God's gentle nudge to remind us that we have certain gifts that are meant to be shared with the world? Dreams can be SO POWERFUL if we'd just listen & give them the weight they deserve instead of sweeping them under a rug!

What is YOUR dream?

No matter how big or small, declare it! Does it seem far-fetched now? Why do you think that is? How can it be broken down into a road map for success? If you'd like to continue this conversation, I invite you to simply comment below — or come join us over in the Calculated Chaos Community. We are a judgement free, empowering group of women who would love to help support you toward making your dreams a reality.

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