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When is SOME progress better than NO progress?

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Have you ever had those times when your brain is racing so hardcore that you simply cannot focus on any one thing long enough to make any kind of meaningful dent in progress?

This is me. Nine times out of ten lately.

I have some grand ideas & goals for myself & my home & my family, but every time I set out to actually make some kind of decent progress on anything, my brain sabotages me.

That's what it feels like, anyway.

Blog post? All of a sudden, I sit down to racing thoughts & the mere IDEA of trying to pluck words that mean something out of the swirls of sentences floating about my head is overwhelming!

Build a new webpage? Create a new email sequence?

Yeah, right! You want it to make sense, right?

Reach out to Sweet Confidence Partners, past customers, or just catch up with a friend?

Ha! Laughable! Coherent sentences are still sought after, y'know? A jumble of random thoughts oozing out of my head by way of my mouth or fingertips to the screen isn't always the best route to go…

But then, you wind up with days like today.

I am frustrated. I am HAPPY… But I am frustrated!

I am frustrated with me for not being & doing better.

I am frustrated that my surroundings match the chaos in my brain & that my actions make me seem lazy, when, in fact, I am EXHAUSTED from all the random thoughts that I can't shut up when I want to.

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It wouldn't be so bad if I thought my thoughts were all useless.

I have good ideas. I like to plan & coordinate & brainstorm new ways of doing things & help share with others perspectives they've never considered before… But when it comes to actually IMPLEMENTING any of my ideas? That is where I feel useless.

I try to remind myself that THIS very blog is a sign that I can implement some things… But, this blog has been YEARS in the making… My progress is SO SLOW in comparison to all the plans & goals I have in its regard… It takes painfully long to get anything from my head to translate into anything meaningful outside of my head…

So, in the meantime, I try to make a new micro-baby-step when I think about it… & I try NOT to beat up on myself too hard…

…&, today, apparently, I sit down & “vomit” these words from my brain, through my fingertips, & onto this screen… & in a few minutes, with barely a quick spell-check & most likely no graphics or anything a “proper” blog post should have, I will hit the “publish” button…

Because DONE is WAY better than PERFECT & I would do well to remind myself occasionally — even if it is just here, in my own little corner of the Web…

Small victory? Or another sign of laziness? I don't even know anymore…

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